July 27, 2008

Nerf Vulcan Thoughts

Today I officially tested my brand new toy that was just released: The Nerf Vulcan!

I first experienced the Vulcan at Toy Fair 2008 and was amazed. Seriously, it was one of the coolest Nerf guns I'd ever seen and it shot incredibly far. When I started my job at Hasbro I kept seeing it, EVERYWHERE! There were Vulcans in the model shop, Vulcans in design land, Vulcans in the Toy Preview hallway. It's almost like the kid on the Vulcan box was just laughing at me. But, finally, after months of waiting, the day came. The Vulcan was set loose on the world and I bought it the day it came out. One online order and employee discount later I was ready for a big box to arrive at my door.

It arrived yesterday. I ripped it open and assembled it. I tried to fire it. No batteries. Curses! I checked what kind of batteries it needed. D cell. Crap. Six of them. CRAP! Rapid fire would have to wait until the next day (aka today). Today I went and burned up some Stop & Shop gift cards I had and bought 12 D cell batteries. Into the Vulcan they went! I loaded up the 25 round ammo belt, loaded it into the ammo box, and let loose. Here are the results:

Apart from the one random dud round, the rest of the shots went off flawlessly and when the belt was empty it fell to the ground. A couple of observations:

> The gun will EASILY jam if the Nerf darts are protruding at all from inside the belt. Make sure they are shoved in all the way.
> It's also fairly important to lay the belt in the ammo box correctly, otherwise you have this weird folding pattern that can cause jamming.
> This thing has three rails for sites, lights, and scopes. Mine currently has two sites and one sniper scope.
> The streamline darts work just as well (those are the ones in the video, in fact), as do normal suction cup darts. Basically, if it's a Nerf dart, the Vulcan will fire it. Here's my video of the suction cup rounds being shot:

> This gun is freaking sweet, especially with two ammo belts since I don't have to reload as often. It makes a great addition to the collection.

Maybe if Hasbro decides to be awesome and start selling them in the boutique at work I can get one for $20.00! Come on Hasbro, you know you want to!

So that's it, new toy, Nerf Vulcan, sheer awesome. I'd buy one if you're into Nerf, it's a blast.


Charlemagne said...

My god, I'm so ridiculously jealous. That is single-handedly the coolest thing I've ever seen. I wish I was 12 with this.

Ehsan said...

Coool! That thing is awesome.
If would be more awesome if some of ur friends bought one and you all had a machinegun war.

tom said...

With out a doubt
u could be no more wrong than what you are
hasbro should refund every cent people paid for this useless piece of { its not worthy of junk }
also hasbro should fire the person who developed this gun
im trying to tell everybody right now,,,the vulcan is worthless
wait and see for yourself

Anonymous said...