December 03, 2005

Standardized Testing


Well, today is Saturday, and being an aspiring college entrant I partook in the fabled SAT's. Yes, I devoted 6 hours of my Saturday filling in small bubbles and listening to peoples' stomachs make weird noises in a small AP US History classroom. But, along with the SAT's come interesting stories and tales of my adventuresome life. I have decided to share these tales with you, but sadly I have signed a contract not to share any exact details about the test I took. Therefore, any information about the actual test will be censored in this blog until after I get my results, at which point it will be inserted. Enjoy and happy reading!

  • I arrived at the location for the SATs at 7:30 AM. The test started at 8:00 so I waited around with a friend of mine. We talked about band, go figure. I realized that I needed to go see what room my test was in, but I didn't want to leave my friend waiting so I told her that I'd be right back. I ran over really quick to check my room and saw 211. I ran back and we continued our conversation. Then, the head lady stood on one of the tables and started yelling room numbers for people to go to. To my surprise, she was saying a LETTER before each number. I just listened and heard "R through S, room B211". Perfect, I thought, I'll go there. Last name range and number were both right. We were dismissed to go to our rooms and I started my search. I got very lost and ended up finding my way to my room. To my utter disgust I saw the words "Maintenance Closet" above the B211. "Well", I thought, "That can't be right!". I ran back down to the commons and checked my room number. . . . . . . D211. DANGIT! I ran around trying to find D211 and by the time I found it (it was hidden on the second floor) I was almost late. So, I was nice and out of breath for the beginning of my test. Lovely, eh!?!?

The SAT's concluded, I survived. Apart from the little mishap everything went well. I ended up with a 2030 on the SAT's and this blog entry is now over. I hope you enjoyed my horrible sense of hearing and direction. Ciao!