August 28, 2008

August 15, 2008


The e-mails went out and tomorrow is D-Day. Here are the details:

Greetings fellow Americans,

The king has refused our demands and thus, you have been drafted along with 450 other soldiers into the Boston Minutemen, fighting alongside your countrymen! We shall put those Tories in their place.

Specific Army Meetup:

1:30PM Sharp

Uniform Color:
Blue shirt of any sort

Necessary Supplies:
Water Gun (empty upon arrival)
At least 2 two-liter water bottles full of water
One bottle of bubbles

Weather Intelligence:
War is hell! There might be a bit of rain tomorrow, but this battle is taking place regardless! You can bet our countrymen never gave up due to a little bit of precipitation. All our past events have had record number of participants, and two of them happened during blizzards. We are Bostonians, we never negotiate with bad weather.

Expect an all-out battle, we shall see you on the field. If this be treason, make the most of it!

With sincerest regards,
General Washington
Company Officer Commander
Boston Minutemen

August 10, 2008


On Saturday Bernie Mac, the hilarious comedian and actor, died of pneumonia. He was 50 years old.

Today Isaac Hayes, musician and voice of "Chef" on South Park, died of natural causes. He was 65.

Why do things like this all happen at once?

August 04, 2008


We all know how I like to make predictions. I have another one for you. Please, don't feel slighted if you aren't one of the predicted ones, I'm going purely on what I think will happen. This in no way will effect the outcome or have any bearing on the official decision, this is just what I think will happen. Ready?

MIT '12 Admissions Bloggers:

Kelsey Kennedy
Chris Mills
Shannon Moran

Disagree? Prove me wrong.

August 02, 2008

Muse -- "Knights of Cydonia"

Because y'all need to experience one of the best live performances ever.

Knights of Cydonia, by Muse