May 08, 2006

Warning, Geeky Post

Soooo, I'm sitting in Stats and my friend is flipping frantically through his physics book.

[ME] "What's up? Looking for something?"
[HIM] "I can't find this conversion rate!"
[3RD PERSON] "What are you trying to convert?"
[HIM] "I'm trying to convert Joules to feet"

. . . .

I apologize to any of you who may not be as unit savvy as I, but the laughter that erupted from this particular conversation was quite amazing. To this day we tease him about his conversion mishap. If you don't understand this and don't think it's funny, um, allow me to explain. A Joule is a measure of work, energy, that kind of thing. Feet is, well, a distance. Converting Joules to feet is like physics class alchemy, or squaring the circle, or getting an A in english, it just doesn't work! So yes, that's the geeky post of the day, hope you enjoyed it!

May 05, 2006


Sorry, no posts for a while, but this is worth it. I came home from school today and I went up to the garage. I noticed a bird hopping around my dog's food bowl, so I walked up to it to check it out. I know not all of you out their are aspiring ornithologists like myself, but the bird is known as an Oregon Junco. It's basically a brown bird with a black head. Well, it was hop-hop-hopping and I approached it. It eyed me and ran into the garage. I followed it and then it jumped through the door into our second garage. Again, I followed, and then it made it's final escape outside. I continured to follow and sure enough, it was back at the bowl. I went inside and chatted with my dad. He said that it had been attacking the bowl all day because it could see his reflection in it. I found this entertaining. I went outside to check it out and the bird was gone. . . or so I thought. It turns out that he had actually just moved on to bigger and greater things, the jeep! He was attacking the windshield and the review mirror with fervor. This was just too much, a bird attacking his reflection in shiny objects for the entire day!? So, photo op! I ran inside and got the camera and took his picture a couple of times. Here ya go, this is the Junco and his attempt at his reflection's life. Also, I uploaded a movie of his attack so that it can be viewed by everybody on the internet. Here's the link: Please enjoy! Thanks for reading!