July 27, 2008

Birds go Boom

Dan brought up a good point the other day. I seem to have an affinity for birds exploding. First I published the "Be a Man" entry, then the magician one. I then realized that I could name two other exploding bird videos right off the top of my head, so I think I'll post a little exploding bird medley here. Ready?

4) Randy Johnson's 95 mph Fastball

3) FordSportka: The Ka's Evil Twin

2) The Amazing Jonathan
Amazing Jonathan - Bird Trick

1) Be a Man!
How to Deal with an Annoying Baby Chick


Hafsa said...

The videos are fuuny but don't they fall into animal abuse category?

I like the "evil twin" one though:D

Charlemagne said...

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a fascination with zoosadism (a fancy word for animal cruelty used to make me sound more credible) an early sign that the subject is predisposed to being a serial killer? =)

Why so serious?

Anonymous said...