April 14, 2009

LEGO Minifig Dimensions

After an infuriating search online for the dimensions of the LEGO minifig (LEGO man), I finally caved and just modeled it myself and decided to put the dimensions online.

This is not completely comprehensive, specifically (and most noticeably) it is missing arms and hands. Also, there's no top/bottom view so you can't see the shell/wall thickness. BUT, this should be sufficient for any type of profile/modeling job right up until the arms. The issue with the arms is that there are all sorts of lofts and things that I haven't had the time to mess with yet. I will though, no worries, the dwgs will just be much uglier.

Enjoy! Share with your friends, I'm pretty sure these are the only LEGO minifigs on the entire Internet. Woo-hoo for monopolizing!