December 20, 2008

This is why I'm having a hard time getting home

I'm trying to get from Boston, MA to Portland, OR. I've been in airplanes and airports for well over a day and a half. Why so long? Check out what has on its main page:

Wonderful, the two biggest snowstorms in the country happen to be hovering directly over where I was leaving from and where I am trying to go.

I'm currently in Seattle WA and am one 40 minute flight away from Portland, OR. The next issue is that the snow storm is going to make it almost impossible for my parents to come get me from Portland. STUPID SNOW!

December 08, 2008

Lyrics Updated

Ok, my Dragonforce Lyric Generator is in a stage of completion. That's right, it's spitting out entire songs worth of lyrics. To celebrate this, I will be posting random lines generated at the top of my blog for a while, as well as changing my Facebook status to reflect how awesome these lyrics are. Just check out the top of the page to see new and exciting lyrics a la the Dragonforce Lyric Generator.

December 06, 2008

Dragonforce Lyric Generator

Earlier this year my roommate and I realized that the lyrics for Dragonforce songs are absolutely ridiculous.

We often joke about them, stringing together random "epic" words and pretending that they're Dragonforce lyrics.

One day we decided that instead of just stringing these words together ourselves, we should write a program to do it. A Dragonforce Lyric Generator, if you will. A couple of important steps had to be taken to ensure accurate Dragonforce replication, which include:

1) Make a list of every word used in every Dragonforce song
2) Calculate the frequency of each word
3) Sort all of the words by word type (noun, verb, adverb, pronoun, adjective, article, etc)
4) Write the code

I've been working on this on and off for a while and it's due for a class on Wednesday evening so it will definitely be in a state of completion by then (there will always be tweaking and refining to do). BUT. . . here's the reason for the entry. My code just generated its first couple of sentences! The words "on" "in" and "before" are hard-coded in but everything else is generated based on the frequency of usage in other Dragonforce songs. I present to you, the first ten lines generated using my Dragonforce Lyric Generator!

On a first searching body, in the song before the pain.
On the high unknown moonlight, in the fire before the rain.
On the good endless winter, in a time before the sun.
On a first endless silence, in the sky before a ride.
On the north master tower, in the hell before the fight.
On a lost falling lifetime, in the rage before the time.
On the long burning evil, in the break before the face.
On the lost falling lifetime, in a side before a cry.
On the cold searching tonight, in the dream before the night.
On the lost searching laughter, in the sword before a door.