July 29, 2008


Good for you Microsoft, good for you.

Realizing that people are sheep and that they hated Vista just because other people hated Vista, Microsoft did something about it. Check out the beginnings of their new advertising campaign.

(This entry typed on a computer running Windows Vista)


tallsby said...


RabbitXIII said...

so normally i'd never comment on your website, but wow how can you even post that up there? if you have ever used vista you would know that its bulky and buggy and has too many problems for its own good.
please try and tell me that you have never gotten this
sorry but as much as i like being able to see through the edges of my window with the fancy aero design, i'm buying my next laptop with XP installed, if not ubuntu or suse

and to tallsby: yes.

Ehsan said...

ya im seeing it and it sucks!

Anonymous said...