July 27, 2008

Second Chance

Alright Facebook, let's try this again.

You were perfect when you first came out. You were text only, you were clean, and you were full of legitimate people. Then, for some reason that god only knows, you decided to mySpace-ify yourself into a load of crap. That was just over a year ago. I dropped you like a bag of rotten meat, and I'm glad I did. Here's the explanation I gave last year:

First off, I'd like to explain why I deleted my Facebook account. With the creation of the "Top Friends" list, fortune cookies, and embedding videos, I've decided that Facebook has become too much like MySpace. I joined Facebook with reservation and only to talk to future classmates. Now that Facebook has grown out of control, I dumped it, I don't want to have to deal with a site that's going to slip into the land of emo sophomores. I'll continue to blog regularly and you can always get to me through this blog. I read every single comment, they are all automatically e-mailed to me. I hope deleting my account doesn't bug anybody, because I just had to do it.

Facebook came out with a new format this last Friday that everybody keeps complaining about. "It takes all of my applications off the main page!" "I hate the new tabs!" "My bumper stickers aren't displaying correctly!" "I whine a lot!"

Ok, you know what they did ladies and gentlemen? For those of you who just jumped onto the Facebook bandwagon, lemme fill you in: THEY MADE IT BETTER!

All your apps are smashed to the left and out of the way, where they belong. All that other annoying crap has been put into tabs along the top. That means, when I look at your Facebook page I'm not inundated with 30 Mb of flashy crap. Instead, I get to actually see the things I want to see.

As such, since Facebook has agreed to make amends, I am recreating my Facebook page. Just until they decide to screw it up again, and then bye bye Facebook round 2.


Ehsan said...

I say if u dont like the apps dont get em.
Just like our ipod touches. If u like tons of apps jailbreak it if not dont.
I mainly use facebook to talk to my long lost friends that i found on facebook. Facebook is definetly great for that. ANyways i heard harvard grads started it.

Charlemagne said...

I'm with you, I love the new facebook so much more than before. No more bandwidth wasted on whether or not someone is a pirate or a zombie or a ninja!

Anonymous said...