March 30, 2007

Helicopter Domination

Remember back when I posted about the helicopter game? Well I've been playing it semi-religiously since then in an attempt to beat the record in that post. I've played in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, and even after midnight to see if time of day matters. I've played while eating, hopped up on caffiene, and even after using an electric sander to see if the decreased sensitivity of my hands will yield better game play. All of these attempts at achieving a higher score have been the result of altering physical attributes of myself, but this morning I tried something different. I thought, perhaps, music could inspire me to achieve success, so I tried my first song: Chariots of Fire.

Chariots of Fire, for those of you who don't know, is the song that they ALWAYS play in movies when something goes into slow-motion. So I played the music and grabbed the joystick of the helicopter. I flew along quite magnificantly until *crash*, 1200 points. Well, that wasn't good! I started the music over again and tried again. It was going well until *crash* 1300. Alright, well, Chariots of Fire just wasn't cuttin' it, so I decided to switch songs.

Next was Summon the Heroes, by John Williams. It's Olympic music, it's the song that starts my band slideshow in case you were wondering what it sounded like. In fact, the second song you hear in that slideshow is Chariots of Fire. Anywho, Summon the Heroes. I cued the music and flew magestically through the air to the sound of trumpet fanfares and huge low-brass explosions. It was going wonderfully until *crash* 2000. 2000 is pretty far, so I thought I'd give it another go. Soaring, soaring, soaring, 1900. Ok, time to try another song.

They always say that the third time's the charm. My next choice was "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana. I was flying along, and along, and along, and I just kept flying. This seemed to actually be working! 2,000 . . . 2,500 . . . 3,000 . . . OMG This is Working! . . . 3,500 . . . There goes my RECORD! . . . 4,000 . . . Carmina Burana has switched to the next track, which is another fanfare piece that is played all the time at the olympics. *crash*

OMG! 4,377!!!!cos(0)! MUSIC WORKED! Here's proof: