March 28, 2007

A penguin that looks like a penguin

Ok, here's another penguin I made, this time using penguin colors. He looks better.


Madeline Paige regina said...

I just bought happy feet.

And I love it. So sad too, I think I enjoyed it more than my three year old brother who fell asleep halfway through.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like a cross between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
How are you Mike?
Your Grandpa would like to see you sometime if you could squeeze him into your very busy life.
I wouldn't mind seeing you too.
Hope you are having a great Senior year. Your school years so far have really gone by on high speed it seems.
How is Mel and the horses? I miss them but can't get back to it right yet.
Grandma Kay

Anonymous said...

How are Mel and the horse?

Anonymous said...