March 09, 2007

An Entertaining Referral

Please don't mention who got the referral in the comments!

I am in no way advocating getting a referral. Referrals are bad. Baaaaaaaaad. But, often times there are funny stories associated with referrals. A friend of mine is disruptive in class. Pretty disruptive. Disruptive to the point that he was given a referral. Click the picture below in order to get a close up view!

Yes, that's right, the teacher gave him permission to puke/urinate in class. Lovely, eh?!


Molly said...

You know I havent acually figured out why the referal receiver and I are best friends. He is very much the opposite than I am, for instance, I have only recieved a fake referal. I havent exactly figured that one out. Well, he is grounded now, and I dont see his release from it in the near future, possibly graduation...his graduation.

Anonymous said...