October 25, 2006


So today I was sitting at the commons before school talking to people. Our principal, Mrs. Bower, came up behind me and pushed me. She claims it was a light push, but I insist that it was a very firm push, that resulted in me being shoved forward into the edge of the table and held there while she rubbed my back.

"Mrs. Bower, the edge of the table is kinda sharp, can I get up?"
"You baby, I didn't push you that hard"
"Um, yes you did, and the table is still sharp"
"Oh fine"

Later on, I left my second period class and *BOOM*, there was a book fair in the hall, that I swear they set up in 10 minutes. Well, the books there this year are actually decent. I bought a book called Cool Stuff: and How it works that pretty much has the neatest pictures and gadgets ever. There was also something else I bought, but I'll blog that tomorrow, because a certain blog reader can't know about it yet. It'll be a good entry!

Also, today was math league and I got 4/6, which I'm proud of. It'll help with extra credit and my Calculus grade.

Finally, I got to take a nap. Mmmmm, nap. I like naps.

That's all, a mundaine blog entry with very little substance, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. These things can't ALL be exciting, so just consider this a setup for tomorrow's entry.