October 25, 2006

Calculus Prank

There are four of us that sit in a square in Calculus.

I'm Michael. Yesterday, the topic of Anatomy class came up and Michelle shared a story. Apparently they were passing a bleached hand skeleton around the class when somebody thought it would be entertaining to take the skeleton and run its fingers through someone else's hair. Michelle mentioned, quite emphatically, that she would flip out and kill anybody that did that to her.

During lunch that day I passed by the book fair mentioned in my previous entry and saw, AMAZINGLY, a skeleton hand toy with moveable fingers! Jake (in the picture up there) and I bought it.

I brought my camera to school the next day. Jake and I switched places in Calculus so that Jake sat behind her and I sat in a great filming location. I propped my camera on my calculus book and looked at Jake. He nodded. The following, is what happened:

Yes, it was quite the experience. One of our better pranks and a great Calculus distraction. I hope you enjoyed the video, it was very fun in person!