October 23, 2006


Hello all. Yesterday/today was homecoming and it's time to blog it!

I got to Lacey's house at 5:30. We had some snacks, very good, and then did the boutonniere/corsage thing. The boutonniere was, evidently, hard to get on, so it took two people and one broken pin in order to get it on me. The corsage was much easier. Here's a picture of Lacey with the corsage:

Then we had the standard "Stand in front of the fireplace and smile" pictures taken. Here's that one:

No more pictures were taken by us after that, so that's all I have for now. When I get more I'll be sure to post them. After pictures we went to dinner at a golf course. They had a great soup that we both ordered (Which was kind of funny. We didn't agree to both get it, we just both ordered it). After dinner we went to the dance, which was actually quite fun. I am not a dance guy, at all. At all. But, I decided to have fun, and I figured that I didn't know anybody there (seeing as it was Lacey's homecoming and not mine), so I would do my best to be social. I met a lot of Lacey's friends, saw a guy from leadership camp (which was neat), and of course danced. Lacey had to take her shoes off (as did every other girl there) and so to avoid me absolutely crushing her feet we worked out this nifty system where during a slow dance she would just stand on my feet. Not only did that make her taller, but I could shuffle around and wander around and she just kinda stuck to me, good times!

They were selling glowsticks at the dance, but we didn't buy any. That didn't stop us from getting any, we just had to be creative i.e. beg them off people and pick them up off the ground. We ended up with a green one and a red one, those were neat. I kept the green one in my shirt pocket and the red one behind my ear. The green one in my pocket was just the perfect distance to grab in my teeth and poke Lacey with while we were dancing. That was fun, until she grabbed the other end in her mouth, stole it, and then started poking me in the face. I stopped poking her after that.

It turns out that the names of all of Lacey's friends are "Josh". I met four "Josh"s. One was scary. The rest seemed normal. We coat checked our flowers at the beginning, so after the dance we went to get them. Not wanting to puncture a lung, I just put my flower in my shirt pocket. It didn't make it out the door, don't know where it is right now, somewhere in Beaverton and not in my house. We went back to Lacey's house after the dance and chatted with the adults a little bit before heading off to Shar(r)i's.

Turns out, every band in the universe goes to Shar(r)i's after any type of event. Sorry Sprague, you're not one of a kind. Did you know that all Shar(r)i's look the same? It made me feel at home. At the restaraunt I met more people, one of whom was Adam. Adam was neat, he seemed strangely determined to win an argument with me. He didn't. Sorry Adam. But, he likes ninjas and snakes on a plane, so he's ok. Everybody at the table had a glass of water except for me, so I asked a waitress if I could have some water, explaining that I didn't have a glass.


She walked away. . . .

HEY! I want water! She never came back, so later I asked another guy, the manager, for a glass of water. He said sure, and started to get it when the waitress I asked earlier said "Don't worry, I'll get it" and then continued to do what she was doing. I said "No you won't! You didn't give it to me last time!" and then the manager chatted with her and I got my water. Finally. Lacey and I split a cheesecake sundae. Mmmm, cheesecake.

After Shar(r)i's (12:30 AM), we headed back to Lacey's house for some final good bye's and then I went home. I got to bed at about 2:00 AM, only to wake up at 8:30 the next morning for work.

Homecoming was a blast, it's the most amount of alone time I've spent with Lacey, because normally there is a parent there. I'll spare you all the lovey-dovey emotional details because that's part of my blog's credo, but rest knowing that there were lovey-dovey emotional moments. 'nuff said, hope you enjoyed the entry, Snively out.


Molly said...

Ohhh it sounds like you had a good time. Her dress is REALLY pretty I like it a lot, I may have to tell her that at our party. Yes I think I will remember to and I will. Looks like you had a good time and I'm glad you did!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael what's up? wow it sounds like you had an awsome night. You and You're girlfriend look sooooo cute! I'm sry you didn't final in the tournament but hey I didn't eather lol. at least you got to go to a dance I was stuck there till nine thirty! anywho later. :)

Hannah said...

her dress is really pretty! i understand now about what you meant by the tulle. : ]] i'm glad you had such a good time. i've never seen you dance before, but i'm sure it was quite a sight! haha! ((jk)) anyways, have a nice evening and i'll see you in the morning.

Michael said...


I need your e-mail, it doesn't help that you posted as anonymous!

Sorry you didn't final, those things happen. Glad you found the blog.

btw, I went out and bought a squishy ball.

Jessica said...

Ohhhh... That was a really cute blog entree, and the pictures were adorable! I'm glad that you both had a good time!
Oh and her dress was really pretty!!!

I LOVE YOU said...


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