October 21, 2006

Post Speech/Pre Dance

Welcome world, to October 21st. This is not a typical entry, this is just to let you know what is going on with me today.

Yesterday was the Willamette Speech Tournament and I gave two speeches. Both speeches were impromptu, but the first one went much better than the other. The first topic I got yesterday was a blue collar comedy quote from Ron White:

It's not that the wind's blowin, it's what the wind's blowin! -- Ron White

That was a beautiful topic because I have blue collar comedy practically memorized and new exactly what context the quote was in. I just spoke about big things being blown through the air and hitting people. My favorite was when I narrated a chase scene between an Amish girl and her house (which a hurricane had lifted off its foundation). The Amish girl lost.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. -- Chinese Proverb

This topic sucked. I did NOT want to take the philosophical route, so I went with the literal. I discussed different reasons why a bird would sing. I talked about finding worms, finding a new bird house, and having baby birds. At one point I flapped my arms and made bird noises. . .it was quite pitiful, but I have high hopes.

I went home after that second speech and crashed. It's now 8:22 and I'm calling the tournament ever 15 minutes to see if I made it to finals, at which point I would have to drive into Willamette and give a speech at 11:00. That'd be nice, it really would. I would be one of 6 out of 39, crazy odds.

The plan for the rest of the day involves homecoming. I'm driving to Beaverton this evening to go to the Southridge homecoming, which I am really looking forward to quite a lot. It should be a very good time, what with the music, dancing, and girlfriend :)

So yeah, that's a quick recap of what's been happening, I'll keep you posted on other stuff as it happens, ciao!

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Madeline Paige said...

Happy dancing!

happy speeching!

I hope you made finals, and I hope you dance well...and have fun of course!