September 27, 2008

My New T-Shirts

I bought three awesome new t-shirts today, thought I'd share:

Who knows what each one means?


NoOoSa said...

I know Reptar is from Rugrats lo0o0o0o0ol

Sam said...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT I am so against hipster nostalgia t-shirts in general but I MUST have Reptar on Ice. I recognize Skeeter's shirt, too, but the third one is currently a mystery.

Ehsan said...

The first one is Reptar from Rugrats, the second one is one of those rock thingies or the symbol of flash (the superhero). And the last one has some relevance with the enviorment?

carli said...

And the total stranger from New Jersey for #3:

Bangkok, "The Punching Game."

(It took some googling, I'll admit, but I do remember them using that on Malcolm in the Middle.)

Alex said...

Okay, so my guesses are that you are a fan of the Rugrats and Harry Potter and that the last one means that you are flicking a booger.

Dimitris said...

i don't know either of them.maybe the last one means, well done?? i dunno.

Charlemagne said...

omg, I can't believe no one knows the last one!
1)Reptar from the rugrats musical episode by the same name.

2) Skeeter valentine from doug

3) If you look, you get punched!

Ehsan said...


1: Reptar from Rugrats

2: Skeeter Valentine

3: Punching Game

note: I took answers from the people above of me:

Reptar: Me
Skeeter: Sam
Punching game: Chris

Anonymous said...