June 14, 2008

Conservation of frosh?

Psh, I'm not a freshman anymore. How can I prove it? Go to http://www.mit.edu

Go to the search box and make sure "people" is selected. Search for "Snively" and hit enter. What do you get?

That's right, I'm year two and a Mechanical Engineer! What now!?


Karen said...

1. what happened to the law of conservation of frosh?

2. oh, we knew it'd suck. there were these girls in the parking lot who told us not to see it, cuz it was horrible. but we were cocky and thought we knew better...and we were oh so wrong :)

Ehsan said...

You do realize that your going to get prank called every two seconds.

Omar A. said...

Haha, that rocks Snively. I hope mine looks like that in a year, but i guess who knows right? Things are bound to change people always say. You did course 2A right? I totally want to do that, of course with the premed twist. I hope your toy making is going well!

Yuzhi said...

darn! just searched myself. all I got is still just undergrad =( no year, no major, no address, no phone... i feel uncool

Anonymous said...