November 15, 2007

I'm a Sad Sad Toaster

A little less than a year ago I stumbled upon a video on teh interwebs. It involved a toaster who, sadly, was made of glass. Check the link:


Great, right? Well, I quickly forgot about it. Then, later, I was introduced to a song on the internet about killing zombies:


I'm never one to just see one thing on a website and leave, I always explore to see if it's a good site. "Shoot the Zombies" was comfortable nestled on a website called "Songs To Wear Pants To". As I explored, I found something exciting! I found the original recording and history of the sad sad toaster song!


I'm all for figuring out why things exist, it brings closure (like figuring out who Mary was), but it all got even weirder. . .

It turns out that the floor I'm staying in at MIT (Burton-Conner, Conner 2) is kind of obsessed with SongsToWearPantsTo. This last weekend an MIT alum from Conner 2 visited, some of you may have heard of him. Sam and Mason (sophomore on the floor) decided to grace us with their renditions of these two famous songs.

Ode to a Sad Sad Toaster

Shoot the Zombies


Vihang said...

I prefer this song.

"Man, I can't - I shan't! - formulate an anthem where the words comprise mnemonics. Dreaded mnemonics for pi...

The numerals just bother me, always - even the dry anterior. Try to request something lower (zero) in numerary aptitude. Even I, pantaloon gallant, I cannot actualize the requested mnemonics. The leading fifty, I -"

harrison said...

Lnicks was the one that screamed out "THIS IS BORING!" in the first video, right?

Ben said...

My personal favorites would definitely have to be "Shoot the Zombies" and "The Touchtone Genius"

hungyee said...

Wow I didn't know Sam has such a nice voice before!

Anonymous said...