August 09, 2007

Um, what?

I found the weirdest news article today. What really gets me is that the person who wrote the story didn't seem surprised at all by what happened! I mean come on! Just, just read it, you'll understand what I mean.

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A giant, smiling Lego man was fished out of the sea in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort on Tuesday.

Workers at a drinks stall rescued the 2.5-metre (8-foot) tall model with a yellow head and blue torso.

"We saw something bobbing about in the sea and we decided to take it out of the water," said a stall worker. "It was a life-sized Lego toy."

A woman nearby added: "I saw the Lego toy floating towards the beach from the direction of England."

The toy was later placed in front of the drinks stall.

Reuters has a nice little video featuring the Lego guy, watch it here: