August 09, 2007

Little Dog

Although you may not have read it yet, I blogged about a tour I took at MIT during CPW. Go ahead and read about it here.

Well, today I was surfing the internet and happened upon a Popular Mechanics article that was published yesterday. Guess who the star was!

Recognize him? He's the same little robot that I met in April! A link to the article is right here:

I have to emotions going on right now. My first emotion is one of happiness, that I beat a very reputable magazine in publishing an article about Little Dog. Second, IT'S SO COOL THAT RANDOM STUFF AROUND MIT THAT EVERYBODY HAS ACCESS TOO IS FEATURED IN POPULAR MECHANICS!

That's all, just thought I'd share. Oh, and there's no video on the Popular Mechanics site, so if you want to watch Little Dog walk you'll need to check out the entry I wrote about him.