July 25, 2007

MIT Housing Lottery Results

Sorry guys, I don't think I even mentioned that MIT had a housing lottery. MIT has 16 undergraduate dorms from which to choose and back in June they had us rank them 1 to 16. I thought it was funny that you had to rank all 16 dorms, even though one of them is all girls. Anywho, we rank the dorms, submit them, and then eventually we receive the results (which dorm we'll be living in).

Today was judgement day, and at 2:00 PM PST this afternoon they posted the results. I am officially a resident of. . .


Now, this has some significance. I spent a lot of time in BC during CPW (uh-oh, acronyms!) and really enjoyed it, so I'm glad I'll be living there.

Item of significance number two is that my friends Sara (from Boston) and Michelle (went to high school with me) also got put into BC, meaning I can meander over and harass them whenever I want!

Third item of significance relates to blogging for MIT. Getting put into Burton-Conner was pretty much a death sentence for any hope I had of becoming a blogger. There are already 3 bloggers from Burton-Conner and I have this sneaking suspicion that I won't be the fourth. I'm still applying though, I'm not one to back down from low probabilities (I made it into MIT, didn't I?)

So, that's the big news, cool huh?! That, and my blog is now in the 300+ post category, which is kind of a neat feeling, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh, and I found a picture of a funny cat.


Paul said...

As I said earlier on my own blog - I definitely understand where you're coming from about the MIT bloggers thing. But I recall Ben saying that they accepted a blogger who was in BC, and just asked him to wait a year...so who knows? Maybe you'll be an exception!

Anyway, best of luck to you, and enjoy BC! :D

Vihang said...

I think East Campus is way much better, Random House seems fun too.

Let's see if I get into MIT this year ... and then I'll think about the housing lottery.

Michelle said...

I'm really excited that I got to be in your blog. And you can definitely come hassle me whenever you want. And you know, if you feel like bringing your roommate with you, that'd be ok too.