July 27, 2007

In Prison? Need Advice?

Here's the scenario:

You're sitting at home, downloading a bunch of music off of Limewire or Kazaa when all of a sudden 8 flash bang grenades go off, your door finds itself laying the ground, and you have 6 automatic weapons pointed at you. 3 weeks, 3 court hearings, and 1 phone call later you are the proud resident of your very own cell.

No, nobody likes prison, but it's a reality that a lot of people have brought upon themselves. Ordinarily it takes years to develop the savvy necessary to thrive in the prison environment, but I'm here to help make your stay as safe and less-unpleasant as possible.

I came into possession of a prison guidebook, written in 1981 by an Oregon State prisoner named "John W." In it he details all the tricks of the trade, and since he's gone through all the trouble of writing them down, somebody ought to read them.

All joking aside, you don't have to be in prison to read this thing. I say this because I doubt anybody who reads my blog is a prisoner, but I highly recommend perusing it and looking at the pictures. It's easier to read when you print it, but you can read it on the computer all the same. It's a pdf, approximately 2 mb.

Click here to download


Vihang said...

Limewire, Kazaa ?

Torrents are way much better than these P2P file sharing applications.

I ditched Limewire for uTorrent and since then life has been bliss.

I'll take a look at that book in a while.

ted b. said...

mike theres only one thing you need to know about prison

Anonymous said...