April 19, 2007

MIT Matriculation

I got back from CPW at midnight between Sunday and Monday. I got a quick sleep in and then went to school. When I got home I finally sat down and filled out my matriculation paperwork for MIT. Matriculation basically means that I am agreeing to attend MIT officially. I finished up my paperwork and then set it on the counter in a stamped envelope to be mailed on Tuesday. It got mailed on Tuesday morning.

Today is Thursday. I checked the mail and saw this:

Kudos to the USPS! You delivered a letter to Massachusetts and a return letter back in 2 days! Mail in our PO Box is filed in the morning, so it didn't have any travel time on Thursday. So, the way I figure it is that it flew to MIT on Tuesday, was processed Wednesday morning, and then immediately shipped back and traveled to Oregon on Wednesday, arriving Wednesday evening and arriving in my hand on Thursday.

Does anybody else find this amazing?


margaret said...

Wow, that is impressive, it seems like a very personal school.

Vihang said...

The USPS is fast !
Our Indian Post Office takes ~4 days to deliver even Speed Post.
Normal Post is way to slow !

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd add a little levity to your busy schedule with a video up your alley!

Anonymous said...

you find ups amazing? what i find amazing is your constant boasting.

Kristin said...

Huh, I sent mine in about a month ago, and never got any letter like that...bizarre!

Michael said...

@ second anonymous

First off, notice that I was referring to the USPS, not UPS.

Second, if you don't like reading about me, DON'T READ MY BLOG!

Molly said...

Okay yeah that is amazing. And if you are not brave enough to leave your name and choose to use anonymous then you shouldnt be stating your opinion. Especially when you are not getting the story right.

Gosh its another Timothy.

Anonymous said...