April 22, 2007

Bush and Blades

Good morning! I had an exciting night last night and I thought I'd share.

Actually, it was just your typical Saturday night for your average teenager. I went with a group of friends and listened to former first lady Barbara Bush speak at a fundraising reception and then saw Blades of Glory. Average, right?

Let's start from the beginning. 3 days ago in school I got called down to the office and told that I was going to listen to Barbara Bush speak about philanthropy. It was very sudden and really random, but they mentioned free food so I was all over it. Last night rolled around and I put my suit on and drove to the convention center. Sure enough, there were cops on every corner and 3 dark suburbans and a police car parked infront of the convention center. Yay for the secret service!

I checked in and hung out in the reception area, which is where I realized that I was very young compared to all of the adults. I was the only teenager because nobody else from school had shown up yet (I wasn't the only one invited, 25 kids from my school were). Eventually more people showed up and we were let into the main dining room, which was set up spectacularly.

They served us dinner next, and that was so good! Steak that you could cut with a butter knife and salmon that was very very good. Here's our table, 46, eating:

After listening to our Mayor and then Gerry Frank (he owns a great cake shop in town) the keynote speaker spoke, Barbara Bush. She was actually quite funny (even though she didn't write her own speech). Then came the dessert, baked Alaska. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

The dinner concluded, Barbara left, and then all teh Sprague kids hung out for a while. We decided to get our picture taken together, group shot!

After that we decided to catch a movie, and Blades of Glory was the winner. Ray, Fabi, Sarah, and I all went together to see it and met Sarah and Fabi's boyfriends there, so Ray and I decided to be a couple for the night.

Ignore everything you have ever heard about Blades of Glory not being funny. IT WAS HYSTERICAL! I never stopped laughing, it was amazing. Some of the computer effects were a bit obvious, but it was made up for by the sheer funny of it all. I give it two thumbs up.

So that was my night, mingling with high society and meeting former first ladies before going and seeing Will Ferrel ice skate. Great night, lots of fun, just pure straight fun.


Bekah said...

I want to see blades of glory so bad! Oh my gosh it looks so freakin hillarious. You've gotta tell me all about it in WE... btw, did you see that we have symphony from 6-8:30 on Tuesday? Two and half hours of torture! AHHH! Plus since we got that new piece it's going to be "you suck" all... night... long....

Anonymous said...