March 21, 2007

Mario Kart: Live

I'm going to have to say that this movie made me laugh a lot! They pretty much replicate everything from the Mario Kart games, but manage to also make it the most ridiculous thing ever. Kudos to you guys! I'm definitely thinking about organizing one of these in college, how intense would that be?!?!

Things to look for/Things that are funny:
  • The shells: Green, Red, and Blue
  • Chucking bananas at people from 5 feet away
  • The guy in the white shirt with the camera pole who helps people back onto the course
  • The chain chomp
  • The thwomp



Marissa said...

i love mario kart! that was freakin hilarious. what a great game. if only i had it...

Joe P. said...

Ha-ha! Genius, pure genius.

Paige said...

*Thwomp*...thats my favorite

Mary said...

A person's world gets richer with every new friend.

Anne said...

so that was pretty much the funniest thing that I've ever seen.


and yea when i played mario kart with my brother it was pretty much just him trying to kill me.

Anonymous said...