February 24, 2007

Star Wars Nerd!!!

There's a difference between geeks and nerds. The main one that comes to mind is that geeks have friends that aren't geeks or nerds, whereas nerds only have friends that are nerds.

You know you're a nerd if your car looks like:


paige said...

oh my god.

I am in love.


Greg said...

Yeah that's pretty cool.

V. said...

Well...it reminds me something of BatMobile.
Eh! It still runs on gasoline?
Uh...huh, what's that?
Why? When some *beep* becomes a *beep* to *beep* for *beep* by the *beep*.
Oh My Gosh! Its so *Beeeeeep*.
Dirty minds. Never think otherwise; all the beeps are replaceable by NERD or GEEK. Whatever you wish. You *beep*.

Vishaque said...

Well, that V. was me.

Vishaque said...

Oh yes. I forgot. You knew that!

Hunkydory said...

Haha. I use 'nerd' and 'geek' interchangeably, even though 'geek' does sound... less harsh? idk.

Anyway, I'm a fellow MIT '11er. Nice to meet you!

Goran said...

wooooooooooooow this is great star wars nerd yeaaaaaah

Anonymous said...