February 26, 2007

Another adventure I plan on having at MIT. . . and one I don't

Ever see a video on the internet and think "That'd be so much fun! But, sadly, I don't have teh technology or the resources to do it. I guess I'll just watch other people do it, *sigh*"

Well, after seeing the following video, I began to think that, but then realized that MIT has to have at least one robotic arm, and how hard could it be to get a racing harness? I'm doing this ladies and gents.

However, the following is something I will never do. This is what happens when people make their own technology and think it'd be a GRAND OLD TIME! Never. Never ever would I do this.

So that's what, 0 to 80 in a quarter second? In my humble opinion, she died. Others disagree, but I have a hard time picturing her brain NOT being crushed into the back of her skull and turning into a gelatenous pool of goo. Plus, even if she did live, can we imagine what would have happened if one of the bungee cords had snapped? Ow.


Paige said...

Hey, go to space camp, we ride a thing like the lady at the top, but you control it yourself. its cool. ^^

also, I don't think that girl died!!! she was still in the thing? right?

Jessica said...

How would that girl die? I don't really get it... I don't think that she did... I think she is still alive.

jeffey said...

i think he's kidding

Anonymous said...