February 23, 2007

I import my gum, don't you?

Here's a nice, heartwarming story for you!

The summer between 7th grade and 8th grade I travelled to Italy for a school-sponsored trip. We were there for eleven days, and although the Colosseum, Capri, and Venice were all great, there was one thing that made it absolutely amazing. The bubble gum.

I found a delicious brand of bubblegum in Italy the first day and chewed it over and over again for the entire trip. It was soft, pink, and blew the biggest bubbles ever! I went back to the USA expecting to just go to the store and start buying this brand of gum, but alas, they didn't sell it in the US.

I have been without my treasured gum since 2002. This year, a friend of mine has an Italian exchange student. We were chatting and I happened to mention this gum, but I couldn't remember the brand name. But she says "Oh I know exactly what type of gum you're talking about! Big Babol!" And I practically screamed "THAT'S IT!!!"

"I'll just call my parents and have them mail you some!"

That was 2 weeks ago. Guess what I got yesterday!!!!!!

There it is in all of its bubbly glory! Big Babol bubble gum! The best bubble gum in the world, literally. Here are some more shots of it:

Back Side

Front of a 3 pack

Back of a 3 pack

They sent four 3 packs, which is 50 pieces of gum! I was so happy, you have no idea. I finally have my gum back, w00t! Thank you so much Sara! I'm going to go chew gum now. . . .


Michelle said...

In all honesty, I also import my gum.

Well, I live in Singapore, and if you're aware with the laws in this country, it was once BANNED to chew gum in the country. Well, now, those rules have been relaxed - but it'd be a LONG time before one can see gum being sold on the candy racks near the cashiers of major grocery stores.

So, yes, I import my gum. Currently, I have a three-pack of this amazing Polish chewing gum that I tried in Vienna (like... Orbit White Fruit, Polish style!) and I'm rationing it like hell so I can get some before I return to the States for college. XD (Other contenders include that Orbit white bubblemint one that seems creepy but is actually pretty good, and... juicy fruit!)

So, yeah. I import my gum - don't you? ;)

[[PS: I got your blog link off the MIT admissions website. If you ever see anyone write "Michelle" in the comments section, it's probably me. XD]]

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