February 23, 2007

All City Music Sample

Tomorrow is the All City Concert at North Salem High School at 7:00 pm. It's definitely worth a visit! Even though you'll have to sit through the orchestra and choir, the band will make it all worth it! Want a little sample of what we're closing the concert with?! Here it is:


How amazingly cool is that?!?!?! It's so fast, I love it! Anyway, that's what we're playing and you should come listen. It's called "Danse Diabolique." See you tomorrow!


Vishaque said...

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2 bad...2 bad. Anyway I hope that will be cool.
Best of Luck

Madeline Paige said...


Anywho, yeah! concert tonight...I am curling my hair, for the fancy event.

and the Danse is *hearthrob* amazing...if that makes sense

margaret said...

I came, I saw, it was amazing.

Bekah said...

OMG... I want to hear our All City concert CD so bad! The Danse was so amazing. Gah. I like how the four of us at the end just looked at each other and laughed for like five minutes! Definitely a good concert.

This is a really long comment.

But I was going to ask you if you're getting the All City CD because my parents elected to buy the DVD instead this year but still want a CD so do you think you could burn me a copy of yours when you get it?

Ok, I'm done now.

conner said...

you better be checking this on your phone...hahaha ahhhh this is a good song

Anonymous said...