February 02, 2007

Harry Potter Seven, Spoiler!

Check the new press release here!

Here's the secret though, I know what happens. I have an uncle who works for Scholastic and is one of the guys that puts the book jackets on the books. Needless to say, he's had a lot of time to read the jackets. . . or at least he would have had time, if they had needed him. What?! No jackets?!

No. No jackets. In fact, the last Harry Potter book isn't even a book. It's a pamphlet! Here's what it says:

"It was all a dream. Harry Potter woke up, laughed, and then climbed out of his waterbed and went downstairs to his good Catholic family who all know that wizards don't exist."

On the last page of the pamphlet it says "Get off my back you anti-Harry Potter extremists! -JK"


Molly said...

Michael Michael Michael, you are a very talanted lier. Now I have to say I'm super excited for the book to come out! Like super excited! Amazingly excited! Now I'm bored so I'm just going to keep leaveing you comments and makeing your blog numbers go up okay.

Greg said...


Anonymous said...

i think i'd cry if that was really the ending. and then i would laugh. i can't wait for the book to come out!!

Daniel said...

and all along I thought the main plot was going to be Hermione's organization of the House elves into a proletarian revolutionary force bent on destroying the class distinctions among magical creatures and establishing a utopian society

Anonymous said...