January 27, 2007

Two Things

Thing One:

Violent video games are constantly blamed for the devolution of today's youth. Grand Theft Auto is often under the most fire, but other games such as Hitman or Halo are also just as violent. People claim that video games such as these cause youth to have a predisposition towards violence. In fact, I am currently working on a research paper concerning these claims. Here's what I've discovered. Even mild and innocent video games can cause ruffian behavior. How mild? How innocent? Take a look at this recently vandalized building:

Recognize something about it? Here, allow me to shed some more light:

That's right! The most innocent, block falling, Nintendo classic of old Tetris has polluted the youths of todays' minds with vandalistic tendencies (we'll ignore all the grammatical and apostrophe-ical flaws in that I utilized in order to make that sentence sound doctoral). So relax critics, violent video games aren't the problem. Violent teens are, they just vent their anger in whatever form they're familiar with. Grand Theft Auto = Beating down people and killing. Tetris = breaking out windows. So, the biggest question of all. . . what does Wii Bowling equal?

Thing Two:

This is the calendar for Sprague High School. The blacked out days are the completed days. The blue and green days are the days yet to complete. Seniors graduate Friday the 8th. That means we are almost done! ALMOST! Soon I will install a countdown to graduation on my blog and we can all countdown together! Graduation time in the past has always made me happy, and I wasn't even the one graduating. I just think it's exciting that all the seniors get to move on with their lives and do things that are actually noteworthy and different. Now it's my class's turn, we just need to make it to June 8th. Come on seniors, we can do it!


Molly said...

hahaha thats great!

Oh and I want to let you know that I never hate you either. haha. I'm glad you don't hate me....I feel bad for Lizz.....almost.

Molly said...

I wish I was a senior!!!!!!! I still have a year to go!!!!!!!! CRAP!

steven said...

hahaha this is really funny

steven said...

oh and I have a blog thing
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