January 17, 2007


So, here's my story. Let's start yesterday, Tuesday.

I was dreading the day. It was to begin with Early Bird Clarinet Sectionals (Lots of tuning) and then proceed directly into a Calculus test over integration techniques. After school I was to go home and then return at 7 in the evening for a symphony rehearsal. Overall, Blech!

I left the house at 6:20 and headed very slowly into school because there was sleet and freezing rain. That should have been my first hint to check the internet for school closures. I didn't. Instead, after having driven at 20 mph for 20 minutes, I heard an anouncement on the radio that school was on a two hour delay. I had this strange mix of emotions at that point. It was a mix between "YES! AWESOME!" and "CRAP! Now I have to drive twenty minutes back home at 20 mph, only to have to drive back into town in 2 hours!" So, I drove home.

When I got home I could have studied for my Calc test (because I really needed to), but instead decided to surf the net and talk to other delayed individuals. Soon enough, another anouncement came online: School Canceled. Score!

Now I can study and organize and get all set for school the next day, right? WRONG! I started by spending another 2 hours on the internet. I then proceeded to watch TV and then watched The DaVinci Code and after that fell asleep. I slept from 1-5 and then surfed the internet some more. More TV, and then I went to bed at 9, having accomplished nothing all day.

Why did I go to bed at 9? Because this morning I was awake at 2:30 to take my mom to catch the hut to the airport. I got home at 3:45ish. Great! Now I can study for my calc test that was likely delayed until today. WRONG! I surfed the internet. Then, school update. . . . 2 hour delay! Now I can finally study for the calc test! WRONG! Blogging. lol, so here I am at 5:55, putting off studying for this stupid test as long as possible. I've already been up for 3 and a half hours and just CAN NOT STUDY! I'm going to go order Pay-Per-View now, I'll see you around.

Oh, and another thing. They never stop at just a 2 hour delay. The delay announcement comes during the 5:00 AM time window, but they end up closing the school after 7:00. So now, I wait for the inevitable. . . another day of sleeping and TV. No motivation at all! Life is good.


margaret said...

Ah, procrastination, my well known adviser and friend.

paige is hating chemistry said...

you drive like a crazy person.

Michael said...

In my defense, I don't drive like a crazy person, Paige is just the most paranoid passenger ever! Let's see, I went at 25 mph all the way into town with 4-wheel drive on. When I was pulling up to a red light at 10 mph there was an ambulance coming so I just pulled alongside the curb. . .while at the red light, meaning I wasn't even blocking traffic. And Paige also thought if we were to slide down a hill we would die, even though, again, our speeds were unreasonably slow and we would probably just end up at the *shock* bottom of the hill. Paige, I am not a crazy driver. You, my friend, are a nervous wreck.

Anonymous said...



Ned said...

Yeah I had the exact same thing but I idn't do the stuff you did because I'm not as wierd as you Snively. And NOBODY IS A CRAZY DRIVER.... Except for those people on crack.... and those other people.

Molly said...

Okay I lied I dont want to leave anymore comments...I have to look up scholarship stuff...maybe I'll go to the MIT website for the heck of it.

Anonymous said...