January 21, 2007

Long post about a bunch of stuff

Haven't posted lately, sorry. I'll try to cram everything into this entry. Ready? Here we go!

First up, a couple more t-shirts that I found entertaining (keep in mind these aren't pictures of the actual shirts, just what's on them. Just plain black shirts with the following equations in white):

Don't get it? Just evaluate the integral!

'nuff said.

Next up, speech team stuff. I'm doing an expository speech in speech team again this year (an 8 minute speech to inform, with visual aides). Last year was sock monkeys, this year is binary. I approached the topic with gung-ho enthusiasm, but everybody else (and I mean everybody) was skeptical. They didn't think it would do well, too boring and technical. WRONG! (said like the guy in the "End of the World" flash video) I have taken Binary to two tournaments. The first tournament I took it to was quite large (30 expository speeches, many quite good). I made it to finals and then BOOM! I won! Sock monkeys had never won last year, despite the cult following they achieved, yet Binary, the speech nobody was supposed to like, got first place at its premier. Things are looking up! Yesterday was another tournament. I took Binary to it and guess what! 3 rounds and 3 first places later, it won again!

That's my trophy. w00t! Oh, and at the first tournament I did impromptu speaking as well. Yep, won that too. Two first place medals and a trophy, not a bad start to the season!

Next story, Calculus CLASS!!!!!!!!

Of couse I wasted more time in calculus, it's what I do! Play-Doh again this time, but this time my friend and I actually made sculptures instead of monolithic works of art. Enjoy!
Amazing, huh? Ah calculus, what a wonderful class.
That's all for now, I'll blog more often, I promise. Until then though, bye bye!