January 23, 2007


I was in Calculus. I had a red whiteboard marker. Result!


anonymouse said...

snakes on a plane, mwerheaehaa

Molly said...

well I hope that was fun! It looks like it was!

So I saw the coolest thing today! Daniel Freed did it..though you have probably heard of it but, he was only allowed to use one side of a notecard for it pre-cal test so he wrote notes all over it in red, then he wrote more notes over that with green then he took like...saran wrap and colored with red and green sharpie in 2 places so when he ran the red over the note card he could only see the green and when he went over it with green he could only see the red...it was really cool so I thought I would share. Again nothing to do with what the post we about but your marker was red...so..you know.

margaret said...

I want to be in Calculus!

Molly said...

Margaret don't say that!

Too bad your play-doe was all over the desk and left sticky everywhere! haha!