October 28, 2006


I became a proud member of the Sprague Olympian Marching Band my freshman year , attending all home football games to cheer on the team. It didn’t take long before I noticed something quite spectacular about football games. As the time dwindled in each quarter, right between 3:15 and 3:13 left in each quarter, the number 3:14 would flash on the scoreboard. I, of course, screamed "PI!" at the top of my lungs, creating some awkward tension since I was just a freshman. My enthusiasm was not returned by my fellow students when I tried to share my overwhelming love of numbers with them. Time passed, I aged, and yet at every football game, I would still yell "PI!" with 3:14 left in each quarter. Senior year finally rolled around and I was still PI-ing it up, but . . . when the first quarter rolled around at the first game of the season, THE ENTIRE BAND YELLED PI! It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed or been a part of. I consider this mutual celebration of one of the best numbers ever to be a marching band crowning achievement. That, my blog readers, is something I truly find fun AND humorous!