September 24, 2006

DS attacks PS3

Sorry I haven't had any posts in a while, but I can't help but feel that that's probably a good thing. I was posting so many times that I was practically spamming my own blog with stuff of very little entertainment value. So, now, after a brief hiatus, I return with a very entertaining snippit from the Tokyo Game Show.

The Tokyo Game Show is a conference in Tokyo where video game companies (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and others) go to show off their new lineups and impress people. Well, Sony had a rough time this year.

Sony is releasing the PS3 in mid-November but although some people are really excited, others are horrified at the $600 price and terrible launch game lineup. It appears doomsday is coming for Sony, because if the PS3 tanks then the company, according to analysts, goes under. Yes, Sony will topple. But, this doesn't stop some people from having fun while watching this failure happen.

The president of Sony, Ken Kutaragi, gave his keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show, and although I haven't actually read it or seen it, every single thing I've read says it was the most horrendous, terrible, sucky, *negative adjective* thing ever! The translators couldn't translate all of the technical jargon and the speech wasn't good to begin with. Soooooo, what do the grown men and women reporters in the audience do? They whip out their Nintendo DS's (Nintendo's new gameboy with two screens, one a touch screen) and start picto-chatting with each other.

Picto-chat is a free chat program on the DS that allows people to draw pictures and send stuff to each other. Well, as you will see, the picto-chatting my just foreshadow massive PS3 failure.

Sony Computer Entertainment presents - "You know your division's in trouble when... "- During a keynote address in your home territory, a large portion of the audience is talking amongst themselves using the competition's handheld device.

Some believed that Ken had an ace up his sleeve. . .

Others thought it was beer.

Here's a PS3 cost gripe, yes, definitely 2 "whatever-comes-after-trillion" yen.

A nice play on those little peeing car window stickers, only this time with the Wii dominating. Wii!!!!!!!!!

Poor guy snuck in for the hour long nightmare, only to be laughed at and scorned by the actual reporters. HA!

Yes, it's true, the PS3 is actually just a George Foreman grill, duh!

The Microsoft dragon eating the PS3. . . .mmmmmm.

So, I hope you found those entertaining, I sure did!

Wii 4ever!