September 27, 2006

Awesome Percussion Feature

So, our marching show this year (which will be kicking butt, btw) has a totally rockin' sweet percussion feature half way through. Here's how it works. Please look at the picture. The following actions are all occurring at the same time:

A) These are two brass lines. They shift into "S" shapes, and then shift back.

B) These are two woodwind diagonals. The red dot people stay at a halt while the woodwinds on either side of them dosi-do around them, 8 counts for a full rotation. This is done twice.

C) The center four dots are our two snares and two tenor players. They stand back to back in a circle at a halt. The dots around them are our cymbal players, who face in towards the snares and tenors and rotate counter-clockwise. While rotating they hold their cymbals up vertically in front of their faces for the snares and tenors to play. Thus, the drummers play on a rotating circle of cymbals during their groove.

Now, keep in mind, all of this happens at the same time, making it nearly impossible to catch all of it. It's very neat, one of the coolest things our band has ever done. Now, for the kicker.

After all of that, the cymbals, in order to get to their next set, stick their arms out like wings and "fly" to the next page of drill. They bank a couple of times and actually pretend to fly. Wow, yay for awesome drum breaks!!!!!!!