August 27, 2006


The other day somebody popped some popcorn during lunch at marching band. It smelled good, so the director made a rule that half of all popcorn popped went to him. He made a sign and it was law. The next day, somebody in my section brought 15 bags of popcorn and we popped them during lunch. We delivered one to our director, he was surprised. We delivered another. He was even more surprised and said that was enough. We delivered another and he started to get desperate. We were using two microwaves and cranking out a bag a minute. Finally, not knowing what to do with the growing amount of popcorn in his office, he locked his door. Well, there's a window adjacent to his office so we just started piling bags in front of that. He came over and took down the old sign with the rule written on it and changed it to "Mr. Howard is satisfied with the current amount of popcorn in his possession". We made another sign that said "But we're not" and posted it on the window into his office. Finally he came over to the room we were in and tried to come in and take the popcorn from us, but we locked the door. He left to go get keys but he made the mistake of leaving his office door open so we ran 8 bags over to his office and ran back into our room and locked the door again. Finally our director figured out that he could just give the bags to students (which made us mad). After he left we taped a popcorn bag to his door with so much scotch tape that it was practically laminated to his door. We also taped kernels over the lock so he couldn't unlock his door.

That was all well and good, but the next day is when it got great. 4 of us decided to pop as many bags of popcorn as we could and bring them the next day. Here's the end result:

That's a lot of popcorn (80 bags to be precise)! lol