August 27, 2006

Band Slideshow

I have started to piece together the slideshow for this year. Basically, it is going to rock. The camp portion is almost completed and I have started the ball rolling on some unbelievable (literally, you won't believe it) additions to the final project. I'll inform you of what that is later, suffice it to say that people will be amazed and say things like "I can't believe you managed to do that!" "Is that really the same guy?" "How did you get him?". There were enough tasty hints in those lines to keep you guessing for a while. C U Later. Oh, also, it appears that half of my entire band has discovered my blog. Hi peoples. Yay! Readers!


ashley said...

You're practically a celebrity now.

To 30 band people.


Anonymous said...

Not only band members but some band members' parents as well!