August 28, 2006

Cup Stacking

Several years ago I remember seeing scary little kids about 8 years old stacking cups really fast. I thought it was interesting and remembered it, but never really pursued it. Well, I saw these cups in a Target ad yesterday and decided to buy them and try. I like Rubik's cubes, maybe I'll like cup stacking too! I'm going to get them at about 5:30 today and it's 2:11 now, so I'll let you know when I get them. I'll also update you on how it's coming! You should buy them too. Here's a video so you can see what the heck I'm talking about! See what I mean!??!?!?! Scary little kids! So small! So fast! I'll have to get over the fact that for the first several years of doing this I will be outclassed by 6 year olds. Oh well, I'll get over it!


ashley said...

They're vicious little cup-stackers! How cool would that be to tell people you hold the world record for stacking cups?!

ashley said...

Okay, so obviously I'm leaving you another little message.

It's late.
I felt a little like doing something....anything...and wouldn't you know math just sounded like a fun idea.

See where I'm going with this?

So . . .

Approximately 23.68421053% of your posts are at least loosely affiliated with--if not dedicated to--marching band.

About 3.9% of the total posts are about a band slideshow. [which, by the way, I am slightly intrigued by]

A million out of however many posts you have are geeky and about stuff like math. And Rubik's cubes. And band. So I'd say its pretty darned near 100%.

Only about 2% of your blog is dedicated to A1 Steak sauce.
Or if you want to get technical, the music that represents all that A1 is to the steak-eating people of this universe.

Sadly, you only have one post about popcorn and one about peeps.

In conclusion...

You clearly need more posts about blowing stuff up. Like bags of popcorn and marshmallow peeps.

I came to another conclusion too - Molly's post is very cool. Nice job portraying the Molly we all know and love.

Here's one of many conclusions you might come to:

Wow Ashley's math sucks.

In my defense, its really late and I'm tired. And I couldnt find a calculator that wasnt solar powered, and the light fixture in here makes a funny buzzing noise.

Anonymous said...