July 31, 2006

Cal Ripken E-Mail

I have a perfect attendance record in elementary/middle/high school. I'll write an entry about that later. This entry is about an e-mail I sent to Cal Ripken Jr. (my inspiration for the streak) and his reply. Ok, well, kinda. It's impossible to find Cal's e-mail address on the internet, because putting it there would be stupid. Sooooo, I had to work may up to him. I e-mailed one of the co-owners of a corporation (the other co-owner happens to be Cal) and had him forward an e-mail to Cal. Essentially, I asked if Cal could write a college recommendation for me. Bear in mind, it's impossible to get responses to these things, all you end up with are pre-fabbed stock e-mails, but I didn't get one of those! Here's a copy/paste of what I got:


Jeff Eiseman recently received your email and passed it along to me. I shared it with Cal and he wanted me to thank you for the kind words and congratulate you on your impressive run in school...far more impressive than any attendance run Cal had at school!

As for the letter of recommendation we will have to respectfully decline. Letters such as that are not something that we or Cal take lightly and due to the fact that we don't personally know you we would be uncomfortable submitting such a letter.

I truly hope you understand our position and on behalf of Mr. Ripken I wish you all the best with your pending collegiate career.

Happy Holidays!

John Maroon
Vice-President, Communications & Branding
Ripken Baseball

Cal knows I exist! He is impressed with me! YAY! Ok, that's my happy of the day! Ciao!