April 07, 2006

Bus Bounce

I have to ride the bus home from school from time to time, and it's always an interesting experience. Let me begin by saying that I have the worst bus driver ever. He yells at you for touching the windows and always drives up on the curbs. Let's talk about dem curbs for a sec. I was sitting in the back seat of the bus on the right side. A friend of mine was sitting in front of me and two of my other friends were sitting across the aisle. Well, all of a sudden, curb. Have you ever seen that video of the bus that goes out of control and the kid that gets launched into the air? Well, that's what happened to me and the kid in front of me. Technically we didn't go straight up, but we were lifted off our seats and flung into the aisle. No joke, none of that weak centrifugal force crap, we were thrown, flung, into the aisle. Ow, I slammed against my backpack and was sprawled out. My friend had hit his head on the edge of the seat across from him. Then, what goes up must come down, the bus came off the curb. We got lifted again and flung into the seat across from us, into the laps of my other friends. Ok, ow. Not fun, it was like getting tossed around by a bull. We managed to pull ourselves up and get back into our seats. My friend was hurting, having hit his head, but I was seeing red spots. Like, seriously, like a laser pointer, flashing around. THAT was bizzare. It went away eventually, but holy cow. What a terrible bus driver. Nobody else fell, of course, just us. We got laughed at. NOT OUR FAULT! WE CAN'T FIGHT GRAVITY AND FORCE! Have any interesting bus stories? Please comment, I'd love to read them! Ciao.


Robert said...

My bus driver in 8th grade was also pretty bad. He would get really angry at the high schoolers when they would throw stuff out the window. At one point, he got on the intercom and said, "Stop throwing...(quietly, but audibly)shit out the window." At that point the bus exploded with yelling and laughing.

Anonymous said...