April 16, 2006

Bathroom Texting

Every once in a while something comes along that just BLOWS MY MIND! I was surfing the interweb today when I ended up at the Random Hall Bathroom server, which is basically a read out of which bathrooms are occupied and which bathrooms are vacant at MIT's Random Hall. Well, there appeared to be a new link, so I clicked it, and what followed was absolutely amazing.


These guys installed a little screen across from the toilet that has a HAL light on it. Essentially, somebody goes onto the website and can see if somebody is in the bathroom. If they are, the person online can type a short message and pick a tone and then send it. The display in the bathroom beeps the selected tone and displays the message to the person that's, um, taking care of business. Here's the link so that you too can participate in the texting!


Unfortunately Blogger is being stupid and not letting me upload pictures right now, so I will later, but visit the site.