March 19, 2006

My Homework Analogy! [UPDATE]

The goal in everybody's life is to move forward. This is also true in the case of homework. It is best to finish one assignment, move on to the next, finish that one, and then continue until all assignments are completed. Simple enough, right? Well, elementary school was easy enough to succeed in that, seeing as assignments weren't even actually graded. If you didn't do one it wasn't a big deal, and they all got smiley faces on them. I equate this to ice skating, skating along and maybe sometimes having a rough time, but you just keep going forward no matter what. Every once in a while you hit an edge but you never fall, just keep going as if nothing happened. This is easy and quite lovely, because who doesn't like ice skating? Then comes middle school. Middle school got harder. You actually got grades on assignments and the assignments actually took work. I would equate the middle school workload to running on a hot day. It's hard, uncomfortable, and tiring, but you still move forward and end up someplace different. Also, that wonderful drink of cold water/graduation is Oh So Sweet that it makes the whole thing worth it. Again, some patches of the course are harder than the others, uphill and challenging, maybe even impossible-looking, but manageable. Now, we encounter High School. I have decided that the homework load in high school is similar to a screwed up demon hamster wheel from Hell. Here's my reasoning behind this. I have yet to be done with my homework this year. I can work on homework all day and all night, yet I will still be sitting in the commons the next morning working on homework for some reason, because it never ends. In class I'm doing homework, at home I'm doing homework, and in the morning in the commons I'm doing homework. Do I ever finish? No. Do I get any satisfaction in knowing that I have completed a certain task or set of tasks? No, because I'm doing something else. So, hamster wheel. Not getting anywhere, constantly running my butt off, and the faster I run to get ahead the harder I have to work until *BAM!* I fall flat on my face and swing back and forth for a little while until I get back up and start running again. Does this not seem cruel and unusual? Does it not seem maybe a lil inhumane? Maybe? Maybe? What do I have to do to get the wheel to just fall off and let me run free? When will I get to do homework that means something and that I can actually finish and feel as if I have accomplished something? Everything right now just drags on and on and never finishes. HOMEWORK WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!! Now, I'm off to do it. Wish me luck, but know that your luck will be wasted because I won't finish. Ever. and ever.ever. The End.

[UPDATE] All of the animations I had are now broken links, so they have been removed, causing this post to become a giant, 1 paragraph rant. Enjoy.