March 11, 2006

MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is where I tell you about what the last 5 years of my life have been completely devoted to. I've always liked math (any readers of this blog will simply say "Duh" to that statement) and have always liked learning it, so that leads me to the college question. In late elementary school and middle school is when people started asking me what I wanted to be and where I wanted to go to college. These questions were a little unfair for my age, but it did get me thinking. So, I asked my parents about good math colleges, and they mentioned MIT. They said that it was the best math and technology college in the entire country. "Ok," I said, "I'll go there." For the last 5 years of my life I have been doing my best to make that statement true. In middle school I took the hardest classes I could, took all the classes for high school credit that I could, and then in high school I've been taking the hardest classes that I can. But, not just the hardest, but the best suited for this particular school. I can't even begin to convey how many times I've read the curriculum requirements and suggestions on MIT's website, how many forums I've been to looking for college suggestions, how many counselors I've talked to about which classes to take. Basically, my school career for the last half decade has been tailored to exactly what MIT wants.
I began striving for MIT after only hearing that it was good, so why am I still trying to get in? Perhaps I was misguided and there are better colleges out there for me? The truth is, the more and more I look into MIT the more and more I realize that it is the absolute perfect college for me. You have absolutely no idea how many times I've heard something about MIT and thought "Ah!!1! That's me!". Examples, you say? Ok, here:
  • MIT hacks. Various clean pranks played on the MIT campus. A few of my favorites include the Toy Story alien claw/ice cream machine, the R2D2 great dome disguise, and the Vannevar Shrubbery Room (GENIUS!).
  • The Mystery Hunts! Every year MIT has what is known as a mystery hunt. Basically, a bunch of teams get together and solve riddles/clues to lead them to a coin. First team to find the coin wins. You have to utilize computer labs, phones, all your available resources to beat out the other teams. . . .scavanger hunt to the extreme!
  • Random Hall. What is there to say about random hall except YOU ROCK! They actually rigged up their bathroom to a server and broadcast stats on the internet. Before you leave the comfort of your computer to use the facilities simply visit to see if there are any available stalls. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE! Also, they did the same thing to their washing machines and dryers, but I think they've been having some server issues with those. Regardless, I dream of Random Hall.
  • MIT has a Rubik's Cube club. Yep, enough said.
  • Ever heard of the MIT blackjack team? They took Vegas for thousands, and rumor has it that if you talk to the right people, there is still a small group at MIT practicing their tactics. Hm, secret MIT societies. . . exciting!
  • Little things in life that I enjoy often have ties to MIT. For instance the board game Deflexion. It's basically like chess with lasers. Well, after buying it I was cruising the Deflexion website and sure enough, the first Deflexion championships were being held at MIT. The movie Armaggedon? The funny looking guy that solves the Rubik's Cubes attended MIT. Clocky, the moving alarm clock that runs away from you. I was told about it at a speech tournament and thought it sounded awesome. Sure enough, an MIT creation. Watching a show about crop circles on tv and they were trying to debunk them. Who were the scientists? Those crazy MIT engineers.
  • The MIT engineer fight song is, well, allow me to quote a line: "An MIT surveyor once found the gates of hell//He looked the devil in the eye and said 'You're looking well'//The devil lookd right back at him and said 'Why visit me?'//'You've been through hell already, you went to MIT!'" Follow that up with a chorus involving drunken engineers and you've got yourself a party, w00t!
  • Have you seen the new robotics buildings at MIT? Straight out of Doctor Seuss! I would go to MIT just to see those!

Basically, I've pretty much devoted myself to getting into MIT. I'm taking the highest math classes possible, taking leadership roles in band, taking computer courses, doing research about MIT, taking hard classes, keeping my grades up, and most important of all, I am absolutely dedicated to getting into this school. There is nothing I wouldn't do to get in, and that's what I believe sets me apart from all of the other kids trying to get in. I'm not just applying to all of the big math colleges hoping to get into one. I want MIT, and I want it bad! I've got a secret weapon up my sleeve too, something I can pretty much bet not a lot of the other applicants can boast. What is it? Well, since it's too late for anybody else to achieve it, I'll tell you. Perfect Attendance. "Why should that matter?" you ask. From Kindergarten through thusfar in Junior year and continuing on next year into senior year, I have never missed a day of school due to illness, vacation, or anything. The only time I have ever missed school is for mandatory school trips or field trips that pull me away from other classes to attend a certain class. In my opinion this above all else shows my dedication and drive. When I set out to do something I keep going until I get it. If I can go 12 years and never miss a day of school, I believe I can get into MIT. Wish me luck, it begins now.


Alleia DaNae said...

It's great to see that you are so dedicated! And if there's ever anything I can do to help you achieve this goal just let me know! And also remember that IF you don't get in (which i don't think will be a problem) it's not the end of the world and your friends will still be there for you! anywho... ttyl!! ciao

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