March 12, 2006

Angry At Parents

Teenagers have hormones. Given. Parents always say "Those teenagers and their crazy hormones. You never know what mood they're going to be in 10 minutes from now." Given. So, this evening when I've been wrestling on a statistics test for about an hour and my mom continually makes me get up and clean my room (I finish and sit back down), get up and have her inspect it (I finish and sit back down), put all of my clothes away (I finish and sit back down), feed my dog (I finish and sit back down) and then yells at me for being short with her and says that it's not HER fault that I'm behind in school, it makes me wonder why she only thinks about hormones when she's not experiencing the effects of them. She doesn't understand that when all she has me do are chores and waits for me to settle down before she has me do another one that I'm going to get really irritated really quickly. "Not my problem!" she says. True, hormones, but you're gonna have to deal with it because I can't control it. "Well, tough," she says, "You're gonna have to learn to deal with it!" Great. I will. After my body stops preventing me from acheiving said "learning". To all the parents out there, when your child is attempting to be a responsible youth and do homework and you constantly interrupt them and then yell at them for "getting behind". . .FREAKING STOP! You're the one making us angry, hormones are the reason we stay angry, and if you just leave us alone eventually you will get what you want. Until then you're going to just have one really angry child that's gonna put you in a bad mood and the homework will never get finished. I've said my peace, learn parents, learn.