October 12, 2005

Studying for Humanities

So it is 9:00 and I have been studying for a humanities test since 5:00. That's four hours for those of you who can't count. Anyways, that four hours was probably the most effective studying time that I have ever had. I learned so much just by looking up definitions in my history book and writing stuff down and just sitting and thinking. Why haven't I discovered this earlier? I mean, I can tie The Compact Theory to Thomas Jefferson to The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and actually make sense! It's amazing! I felt so unprepared for this test yesterday, yet with four hours of intensive work I now feel quite comfortable! Colonies don't seem quite as scary now, which is scary in itself. So, I guess the point of this particular entry in my blog is simply to state that I have discovered the path to enrichment, it involves a lot of just "Sit down, shut up, and study"ing. Amazing that I haven't figured this out before. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!!!!!! If you can tell me who said that and where then you don't need to read this blog because you already know your U.S. History. Adios, study a lot!


Edgar said...

Patrick Henry to the Virginia House of Burgesses. And no, wikipedia did not tell me that! By the way, you must be asking yourself why this random person just wrote on the second blog you wrote a while back...well, I guess i should of just start from the beginning, no?

Edgar said...

My bad, it happens to not be the second blog you wrote...just don't take it literaly!

Anonymous said...