October 09, 2005

A Christmas Dilemma

Ok, so a situation arose today that has left me vexed as to:

What to do
Why it hasn't happened before

My birthday party was September 24th. The week before my birthday my dad said "In all honesty son, I realize you want in iPod nano, but we just can't afford it. Please don't expect one." I said ok, and I didn't mind. They're expensive and I realized we couldn't afford it. So, my birthday comes and goes, no iPod. But, I did get about $150. That got me wanting to save up for an iPod. Since my parents hadn't gotten me one and I had the money then why not? Well, then about a week later I start getting excited about buying this iPod and my parents start saying "You know the rule, no buying anything before Christmas." What?!?!? I mean, yes, that is the rule in my family, but my parents had already shown that they couldn't afford an iPod by not buying me one for my birthday, and that was only a week ago. Had they suddenly amassed enough money to purchase one? If so, why didn't they just give it to me for a late birthday present? I was completely confused, but continued on my quest to earn enough money for my nano. Just today I managed to add $20 to my pot, leaving me only $25 away. At this point, my dad says "Michael, I didn't want to tell you this, but I have an iPod for Christmas for you. I just don't want you continually arguing with us for 3 more months." So now my dad is upset because he had to tell me, and I'm upset because I made him. . .but all of it was completely accidental. How was I supposed to know, wasn't I right in assuming that I was bound never to get one since I just had my birthday and didn't get it? Why not spend my birthday money on it? It's all rather unfortunate, because now I can't buy one and have to wait 3 months to get it, and get to feel bad while waiting for it, and I have to act surprised on Christmas. Sigh. . . your thoughts are welcomed.

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