November 30, 2008

A Timeline

Sorry, it's been a while, MIT has been kicking me in the face and I just haven't had time to post anything here. But, to my loyal readers, I present you with a tidbit that ordinarily I would put on the MIT blogs, but instead I think I'll put it here for you.

I started up a Facebook account at the beginning of this school year. I'd had Facebook before but I deleted it after they rolled out apps and top friends. At the beginning of the year Facebook cleaned up all the crap and hid it behind tabs, which made it bearable enough to warrant opening up a new account. I've gone through and grabbed all of my status updates since the semester started and compiled them. It's a relatively entertaining look into how a semester progresses here at MIT, enjoy!

Michael is cautiously testing the Facebook waters. 11:55am

Michael just caught a cokroach beetle thing in his room that would make grown women scream. Pics to come. 1:18pm

Michael is looking for the giant cockroach beetle thing that he tried to capture. He's also not going to be sleeping here tonight. . . 1:32pm

Michael is beginning a full frontal assault on the giant bug hiding in his room. 4:14pm


Michael is looking forward to seeing his parents tomorrow. 8:48pm

Michael is duck boating today. 9:34am

Michael shouldn't be allowed into urban outfitters. 10:00pm

Michael is buying paint for his new room. 6:59pm

Michael is ready for the weekend. Already? Yes. 10:00pm

Michael is painting his room. 11:21pm

Michael and Sauza just realized that our room is now painted in Native American style. Oops. 2:41am

Michael is moving to his new room! 1:43pm

Michael is watching "Flash Gordon". 10:19pm

Michael is in bed. 11:14pm

Michael is at work. 6:25am

Michael is blogging. Duh. 7:37pm

Michael is cleaning the floor for Orientation and REX. 8:57pm

Michael is going to kill the Torries today! 10:15am

Michael killed all the torries. The world is now a better place. 3:42pm

Michael is almost ready for orientation to start. 11:42pm

Michael is discovering that DragonForce lyrics are ridiculous. 6:38am

Michael is glad he went to work today. 9:08pm

Michael needs to do laundry. 4:25pm

Michael had a busy evening. 4:03am

Michael is watching a room get painted in some of the scariest colors ever. 12:05am

Michael is going to clean now. 10:01pm

Michael is really upset that Don LaFontaine died. 1:09pm

Michael is classes! 9:05am

Michael is probably getting cancer from the construction that's going on in the hallway. 2:47pm

Michael is cancer free and ran today. 3:33pm

Michael is enjoying spore. 9:41pm

Michael already knows Matlab! Give me my Friday back! 4:56pm

Michael can solve the first 2.003 PSET question and also almost failed 8.01L last year. What's everybody else's problem? 3:41pm

Michael is getting sick. Nooooo!!! Need. . . airborn . . . 12:56pm

Michael is painting a mural while Vista SP1 installs. 3:37pm

Michael is in 2.005. 1:19pm

Michael is white water rafting. 1:13pm

Michael survived rafting. Oh, and Sara owes me 8. 9:11pm

Michael is 2.005 rape!!! 1:49pm

Michael is 20! 10:30am

Michael is stuck on 2.003 PSET problem 2. HELP! 12:59am

Michael is doing 2.005. 8:46pm

Michael is really tired of 2.003. 10:30am

Michael is drowning in Digital Poetry. Suuuuuuuck. 7:09pm

Michael is 2.003. 10:59am

Michael is playing with his brand new macbook. 1:30am

Michael needs help on 2.003 problem 2! HELP! 10:51pm

Michael is going to sleep. 12:21am

Michael is freaking out about mitadmissions. 9:44pm

Michael is one test down, one to go. 7:36pm

Michael is going to have to retake 2.005 :(. 12:18pm

Michael is going to have a toy on shelves! 8:58pm

Michael is grinding through life at the 'tute. 12:53pm

Michael is watching CNN! 7:15pm

Michael is election-ing. 8:47pm

Michael is going to have to figure out 2.005 at some point. 9:04pm

Michael is angry both at the letter "S" and the word "Instantaneous". 12:14pm

Michael is on the same couch he was on 5 hours ago. 10:14pm

Michael is vote for me, blogging scholarship! 11/06/vote-for-the-winner-of-the-2008-bloggin g-scholarship/. 6:27pm

Michael is 9:00pm

Michael is and SHARE IT WITH EVERYBODY! 4:35pm

Michael is slipping in the polls! share the link with everybody you know! 3:13pm

Michael wants you to join his facebook group and invite all of your friends. rs&gid=34109629331#/group.php?gid=34109629331. 4:36pm

Michael is the uncleanliest manifestation on campus? 2:05pm

Michael is you should vote for me, I'm in 4th place now! 5:10pm

Michael is studying for 2.005 and wouldn't mind if people came and distracted me. Just follow the sound of the christmas music. 1:56pm

Michael needs help setting up 2.005 Problem 3. help! 8:32pm

Michael is just about done with 2.005. 10:14pm

Michael is done with 2.005. 11:28pm

Michael 2.003 tonight is going to be a nightmare. 5:44pm

Michael needs to know the kinetic energy of problem 2 on the 2.003 pset. I'll help you with problem 1! 8:13pm

Michael is about to take a 2.005 test. Wish me luck! 6:39pm

Michael is fail. 12:57am

Michael slept in today. 12:06pm

Michael gets to study really hard for finals. To everybody I know, don't expect to see me around a lot during dead week. 3:07pm

Michael is explaining twitter. 6:11pm

Michael is studying for his 2.003 test tomorrow. 10:40am

Michael is ready for 2.003. 10:00pm

Michael has a FREAKING AWESOME PEN! 7:39pm

Michael is in New Hampshie. 12:10am

Michael happy thanksgiving. 12:33pm

Michael is ready for Black Friday. 10:21pm

Michael is exhausted after Black Friday and plans to sleep until the sun goes down. 8:53am

Michael is done reading and attempting to write now. 1:26am

Michael is hopefully recovered from his brief period of being nocturnal. 9:26am

Michael is Navier-Stokes-ing. 12:45pm

Michael is actually working . . .go figure (well, you know, after I finish updating my status). 1:50pm